Saturday, April 30, 2016

Time: The Final Element of Love

After 45 years of working with couples in marital therapy I have learned what makes an excellent relationship.  Without question, the ability and motivation to adore the object of your love is the most important.  I have always found that to be true and what separates a good relationship from a great relationship.  To adore the object of your love is the key to a great relationship.

I have also realized during this time that there is also one more element that separates the good relationship from the great relationship.  It is time.  We love what we give our most time to.  If we adore the object of our love and we truly love them, the most important thing we can give them is our time.  It is not material things, although they are nice.  It is not just being a good friend, although that is very important.  If we are truly "in love" with the object of our love - we give them our time.  If we don't, then we are not.  We can be a great friend but there is a huge difference between loving someone and being, "in love" with someone.  

We are now living in a time where social media plays a big part in our lives.  It is so simple to just send an email to someone on their birthday or for their latest accomplishment.  That extra touch; however, is when we take the time to send a card instead.  That extra time to do that sends a message to the recipient that you care about them.  It is personal and it really does let people know that you do care a little bit more about them then they thought.  Why?  Not because it cost more.  It's because you took some of your precious time and went to that extra trouble to let them know that you do really care.  

Time.  How do we use it?  Who do we give it to?  There are so many ways we share our time with.  If you are going to meet the President of the United States at 1:00, are you going to show up at 1:30?  Probably not.  Why?  Because you respect him or her and you show that you care by being on time.  

Our time is important.  How we use it determines who we are and who we respect and who we love.  God is very aware of the time we spend with Him.  What does time say about our relationship with the One who made us?  

May God's love be with you and may you be a blessing to those around you.  You have the time to make everyone feel a little bit special.  To let those around you know that you really do care.  

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